Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Places: 21.347104, -157.893036

Monkeypod Tree by K.L.H. Tanoue
The monkey pod trees stretch up and out, towering branches forming fractal patterns against a thick morning sky, dropping dark shadow against the spreading carpet of lush green grass. Koi swim lazily through the murky green waters, gleaming gold and white along the occasionally sunbeam. Bright bamboo tower over the stoic teahouse with pagodas pointed toward the trees above. Japanese tourists dot the lawn, snapping pictures and flashing peace signs in front of the tree claimed by a corporation whose advertising allows the gates of this royal estate to remain open for no cost. We wander, admiring flowers and capturing a few memories ourselves, enjoying the delicious silence amidst organic giants.

21.347104, -157.893036

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