Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Places: 50.086494,14.411346

Sunrise at St. Charles Bridge - Prague - Summer 2009 - K. L. H. Tanoue

We awoke when it was still dark, clumsily snatching clothes, tying shoes, patting pockets for metro cards. The tram lurched down the grey quiet streets past the blocks and blocks of grey apartment towers built in Soviet functionalist style until the bleak cityscape gave way to the bright red roofs of ages past. A quick jaunt across cobblestone streets carried us to the riverfront, under the shadows of church bells and silent statues, past caution tape and grey dust that warned of 'improvements', around the garbage collectors and street sweepers and other denizens of the dawn. We paused against the cold stone walls that lined the walkway above the river and waited until the sun peeked over the eastern rooftops, washing over the streets in warm golden light, marking the beginning of day.

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